Monday, October 17, 2011

Malaysia/Taiwan or BUST!!!

I can hardly believe that in 15 days I will be holding our new baby boy for the first time.  I tear up just thinking about that moment!  It's really amazing how this all came about. 

Chad and I had decided when we moved to Tupelo that it would be my turn this year to go on an international mission trip.  He is traveling all the time, so it is really hard for me to get away.  Our missions pastor knew I was wanting to go on a journey this year, so he asked Chad if I would be interested in going to Malaysia.  Of course I was so excited to have the opportunity to go minister to missionaries and their sweet families.  Our church is sending over a team to do VBS type activities for the missionaries' children while the missionaries are in a marriage retreat.  These missionaries serve in very dangerous parts of the world where you are persecuted for sharing the Christian faith.  I'm sure that the time they have to spend alone without children is extremely rare.  It will be such a blessing for us to be able to provide them with some time to connect with their spouses each day.

When we got our referral at the end of July, I got out the map to see exactly where Taiwan was (yes, I'm geographically challenged...geography obviously was never my favorite subject:)  Much to my delight it was somewhat close to Malaysia and this had my wheels turning.  Of course I googled to see how long the flight would be between Malaysia and Taiwan and it was only 4 hours!  I could not be 4 hours away from my baby and not go meet him!  So we began to start checking the price difference it would be for me to make that extra leg of the trip.  Our missions pastor was so great to help us get our flights arranged so that we could spend a few days with Asher on the way home.  I was so excited that our Children's Director at the church, Rebecca, agreed to go with me!  I'm happy to have her as my travel friend and photographer!  I love His ways...that He knew I would be on the mission trip that would be so close to Asher!

This week I have been running around like crazy trying to get things ready to go.  Shots, malaria prevention medications, supplies for the VBS, etc.  One of the things that I needed was an Ergo baby carrier, and I really wanted the black one with the camel color hood.  I have been looking at these things for months online.  I knew I would need one with a newborn adopted baby since it is so important in the bonding process to have them close to you as much as possible.   They cost  $115 plus $25 for the infant insert.  Ugh!  We have scaled back on so may things financially since answering God's call to adopt.  It is SO expensive, and every little penny counts.  I had been trying for a week to find the very best deal but even the used ones on eBay were going for $90.  So after stressing out about where I was going to buy this Ergo all week, I decided I had waited too late to order one online and had planned to cave in and go get one at a local baby store after MOPS on Thursday.  I was sitting at my MOPS table and saw a new mommy with her baby in a sling.  We were talking at my table about how cute the sling was when I said I really needed an Ergo and that I was going to get one after MOPS.   A sweet new friend next to me told me that she had one in the trunk of her car that she had bought brand new at the flea market for $25!  She said that she didn't have any plans to have another baby anytime soon, but that she bought it just because she knew they were really expensive and it was such a great deal.  Then I asked her what color it was...YEP!  Black with a camel hood :) What a blessing!  I wrote to thank her and received the sweetest reply that I will share a portion of with you:  "I love watching the way the Lord works the extraordinary in ordinary events. To be honest that ergo was meant for you, it really isn't like me to buy something I don't need (and trust me we have no plans for baby anytime soon). "  I love what she said about God working the extraordinary in the ordinary.  He does care about EVERY minute detail.  And although this story may sound really silly to some, it was a blessing of encouragement to me on a journey that has gotten very long and weary at times.  Thank you sweet Ashlee for being that blessing!

So, of course the first thing I had to do when I got it home was try it out...
...with Annlee's "daughter" Keelee!

Deuce wasn't digging the Ergo :)
Now all I have to do is finish packing and counting down the next 15 DAYS until it's Asher that I'm carrying in that Ergo! 

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  1. so excited for you!!!! i didn't know you were going to get to see him so soon! praise GOD!!!! huge hugs!